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  1. GraceAnne

    I did not know that I was speaking to an English Teacher! English was my hardest subject in highschool and I didn’t do very well as a freshman in college, in fact, I was so frustrated with English Lit that I dropped out of college.

    You are a fasinating person, very gifted and what a pleasure it has been to visit you on the phone and via email.

    I have regretted not earning a college and a seminary degree, I have had seminary extension training and some courses through our Oklahoma Baptist University extension center and at 58 years of age, still no diplomia or degree. My “schooling” as been on the job training, experiencing things that seminary cannot prepare you for.

  2. I tried to find a way to contact you. Lillie Ammann asked me to read and review your books. I just finished “The New Day Dawns”. I loved it immensely. I am a big fan of Indians as my Great Grandma was full blooded Cherokee. I found the book so intriguing one could not put it down. I wrote you a review on Amazon.
    Since you like PowWows with boy scouts, you might like to know my husband is the West Plains Sectional Commander of Royal Rangers (Assembly of God program – like scouts but all Christian based). They just had a PowWow last month. I teach the Ranger boys – Kindergarten to 2nd graders.
    I so enjoyed your book.

  3. I saw your car on the road it it peaked my interest. I looked it up online and here you are. I had a dear friend who was Native American in high school. His father has since written books. I’m glad you have fought to have your voice heard in the publishing world. I have one recommendation, blur your license plate in the photo on the website for your own safety. There are some crazy people in our world. It’s a sad fact, but I know the hatred experienced by my friend in a white dominated school. Good luck to you!

  4. Thank You for you comment. I’m sorry if your friend has had trouble. Not all whites are like that. Have a great day and God Bless


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