Five Star Review for The New Day Dawns

Five Star Review
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An Adventure through Prehistoric Times, August 27, 2010
By Jane Squires

When I picked this book up, I did not know I would get an adventure that would hold your attention from beginning to end. I am ready to move to book 2 and continue the story of the people of the frozen earth. I never heard of these people and tried to research if they were real people or not. Regardless the book truly painted a picture in your mind of primitive people in the western states probably before white people entered the picture. The book is rich in primitive culture and the author holds your attention as you move from the rituals of the people into the mating ceremony pulling for Horda and Mach all the way.

The decisions Horda had to make over a mate are really not much different than any culture where the girl has to chose on her own and not what her parents feel is best. A time of growing from young people to mature men and women is so well woven throughout this book.

I knew before Bear Claw captured Horda it would happen but yet I hoped it would not. The survival of the women during this time is remarkable. The abuse Horda took keeps you hoping her beloved shows up soon and saves her.

From one chapter to the next you do not know what to expect. You will be surprised again and again.

When Horda’s Father and Beloved mate go with the team to find the women, they both blame themselves for not listening to Horda’s fears. Just like men.

A womderful wonderful adventure through the primitive times and leaves you ready to continue to book two.

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